What’s ahead for Wellpoint Care Network in 2023?

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.” – Melody Beattie

Indeed, a new year awaits. What will 2023 have in store?

At Wellpoint Care Network, our mission to facilitate equity, learning, healing and wellness by restoring the connections that help children and families thrive will continue.

We have and always will work hard to create a world where children and families have a clearer path to their fullest potential.  

Internally, our organization has grown and changed significantly over its 172-year history, and we have always welcomed new employees, who bring their fresh ideas and energy to our team. 

Our facility also continues to undergo renovations. We look forward to transforming our campus to be something both employees and community members can feel good about coming to.

Below, you will find additional highlights that our Wellpoint staff is excited for in 2023 and beyond.

Ann Leinfelder Grove, President and CEO– I am looking forward to the continued renovation of our Capitol Campus, as a place for our work with the people in our care and increasingly, a place to make available to the community. I am looking forward to expanding our mental health clinic space in order to be able to serve more people. I am looking forward to the possibility of the development of an early care and education center on campus, in partnership with the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee.

Starlet Hayes, Vice President of Mission Advancement- I am looking forward to a renewal of our care, compassion and commitment to the community and the announcement of the Campaign for Community Connection in 2023.  Meeting with new and current donors to share the news of renovation and continued community engagement and all the great new things that we do at Wellpoint that are impactful to the children and families in our care.

Jody Pahlavan, Vice President of Clinical Services– I am most looking forward to becoming a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, and expanding the behavioral health services we offer to include additional infant/early childhood mental health services, increased art therapy services and other adjunct services.

Jason Matias, Director of Information Technology– I am looking forward to continued work around our Campus Transformation. The campus transformation will include innovative working and community spaces that will serve as a hub for our commitment to serve the people and communities around us. It is an outward statement of our commitment to facilitate equity, learning, healing, and wellness by restoring the connections that help children and families thrive.

Sonja's Headshot

Sonja Williams, Vice President of Human Resources– In 2023, I am most looking forward to defining and implementing our “whole” employee approach at Wellpoint Care Network. That effort will involve strengthening our workplace culture by expanding the ways that we engage together on a human level with an emphasis on creating authentic and meaningful workplace experiences. The organization is investing in our workforce to bring about this outcome, including the hiring of the new Director of Equity, Culture, and Belonging role and opening up new internal pathways for employees to communicate and connect across teams both virtually and in-person via peer support outlets and mentoring groups.

Jenny Keefe, Vice President of Child and Family Well-being– Child and Family Well-being is starting 2023 with exciting news. I am thrilled that we were awarded a sizable grant to support high acuity youth and a separate grant to expand direct support to relative caregivers starting early in the year. With additional training and support, relative caregivers will help children effectively self-regulate and develop productive coping mechanisms to stressors and trauma responses. Offering advanced, targeted 7ei training to caregivers and employees has shown to be effective in reducing impacts of toxic stress, improved mental health and behavioral functioning and maintained children in their care environments. I’m excited to see the impact of these grants and targeted training opportunities this year.

Ted Uczen, Chief Operating Officer- I am most looking forward to meeting the entire team here at Wellpoint Care Network and becoming a part of this extraordinary group of people who have a huge impact on our community each and every day.  The opportunity we have to increase the services and reach of our behavioral health clinic and expand our Trauma Informed Care training and approaches is tremendous, and I am excited to be a part of making that happen in 2023. 

As for you, we hope 2023 is a year of healing, growth, empowerment and learning.

And, if Wellpoint Care Network can ever help lead you where you want to go, never hesitate to reach out and learn more about us.

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” – Rainer Maria Rilke