Helping State and Local Government Meet Community Needs

Wellpoint Care Network is not only a community-based nonprofit organization.  We are a partner for state and local government, schools, law enforcement and courts.  Wellpoint Care brings a shared commitment to ensuring that all Wisconsin children and families thrive and live lives free of adversity.  But we are also a trusted partner because of our expertise, our approach and the dedication of our talented employees.  Here are some of the ways we partner with state and local government to bring the best possible care to children, adults, families and communities. 

State and Local Government Partners & Service Array

County Departments of Health and Human Service

  • Comprehensive Community Services provider 
  • Treatment Foster Care Licensing and Placement 
  • Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics Assessment, Consultation and Intervention Services

Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

  • Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services Case Management 
  • Safe Care  
  • Foster Home Licensing and Placement 
  • Independent Living Services  
  • Trauma Informed Care Training & Consulting

Local School Districts

  • School-based Mental Health Services 
  • Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics Assessment, Consultation and Intervention Services 
  • Trauma Sensitive Schools Training & Consulting

Wisconsin Courts and Law Enforcement

  • Trauma Informed Care Training & Consulting

Why Partner with Wellpoint Care Network

Wellpoint Care has been a trusted partner for state and local government for decades.  We bring a shared commitment to a vision for healthier communities where are children and families thrive, but we also deliver results.  Here are just some of the ways that Wellpoint Care adds value to community-based services:

Compassionate, comprehensive careWellpoint Care is committed to delivering the highest quality client experience for those in our care.  We apply a trauma informed lens to all interactions to create a more engaged and healing experience for everyone in our care.  We seek to support the whole person and family by screening all clients using the Five Pillars of Stability and helping them to meet their needs. 

Results-driven – Wellpoint Care is committed to more than just providing high quality service.  We are driven by our desire to deliver meaningful, measurable results – for the people in our care, and for the partners who fund these services.  Our commitment is to helping people achieve stability for the long-term.

Evidence-based interventions – Our staff and clinicians are trained and certified in scientifically informed and leading-edge interventions designed to deliver solid outcomes with efficiency.

Shared investment – Wellpoint Care doesn’t just deliver on our contracted commitments.  We leverage our support in the community to bring private and philanthropic investments to bolster community supports and services.