Comprehensive Services to Meet Complex Needs

Wellpoint Care Network has been a local human-services provider for nearly as long as Milwaukee has existed as a city. What began as caring for children who lost parents to the cholera epidemic, has blossomed into an array of services for children, youth, adults and families.

The vast majority of the children and families we serve today have complex needs as a result of their trauma histories. Often, instability in one area will create instability in another, and another, and so on. The last thing we want is for systems set up to help people to end up being just as complex or difficult to navigate as the circumstances we are working to change.   

While it’s true we have added numerous programs in our more than 170 years, we have stayed true to our purpose, which is to help people overcome barriers and thrive. That is why we keep our service areas simple and within a seamless array: from crisis response and stabilization, to ongoing programs to assist in overcoming adversity to prevent future trauma. 

Our Service Continuum

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