We See a World Where Every Child and Family Thrives

Our mission is to facilitate equity, learning, healing and wellness by restoring the connections that help children and families thrive.

Every person deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. It’s part of human nature, and the promise of our country, that everyone be given a fair chance to be and do their best. Yet, many in our community live with unresolved childhood and generational trauma.  

Many of the people in our communities, especially people of color, experience a sustained lack of fairness and opportunity fueled by inequitable systems, laws and policies that create significant barriers to their ability to thrive. The resulting disparities in health, education, employment and housing hold people back, while their families and relationships, as well as their health and self-worth, all suffer.  

That’s where we come in. We believe we can create a world where children and families have a clearer path to their fullest potential.  

Wellpoint Care Network has championed the restoration of families for more than 170 years. Our approach to healing is comprehensive, from prevention and early intervention services to crisis resources. We use a trauma-informed approach to create healing and to build pillars of stability that will ultimately empower individuals and families to thrive.

The Four Tenets of Our Mission

The four tenets of our mission are vital to those we serve. Together, they lay the foundation on which stability can be built and full potential achieved.


People deserve equitable access to opportunities that allow them to realize their full potential and ability to thrive. 


Students need safe places to learn, and trauma-informed educators who can connect and meet them where they are.


Families need healing from generations of trauma that have left them suffering, both physically and mentally.


All communities deserve a path to wellness to overcome barriers caused by trauma, unfair systems and unchecked biases.  


Years of Supporting Children & Families  


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Trauma Informed Experts Trained


Grant award from SAMHSA for Project Thrive