The Heart and Science of Healing

We have seen exactly how trauma, poverty, systemic racism, social injustices and other barriers create instability in all areas of life. The people in our care face education and health disparities, high unemployment rates and unaffordable housing. What’s worse, many have lost connections to resources, family, friends and other support systems. We have seen the toll it has on a person’s physical, emotional and financial well-being to try and successfully navigate complex systems that may have failed them in the past.

We believed there is a better way. So, we have anchored ourselves in our nearly 175 years of caring for our neighbors through modernized human services.

While we are experts in the science behind trauma and the proven tactics to overcome adversity, we believe no amount of services can heal a child or a family without the right amount of care and compassion.

Five Pillars of Stability

Leading with empathy, compassion, respect and transparency, we partner with families and individuals to achieve stability by addressing needs in Five Pillars of Stability: health, education, housing, employment and caring connections. 

Trauma Informed Care  

At the forefront of practicing evidence-based Trauma Informed Care, we apply what neuroscience has taught us about how the brain develops, functions and recovers from trauma. This allows us to take a comprehensive approach in supporting individuals and families at any point through their journey.

Equity and Inclusion

Wellpoint Care Network believes that you cannot address trauma without also addressing equity. We understand that the people in our care are here because of the systems that have influenced our lives, both negatively and positively. Understanding the significant role of systemic racism is central to healing.