Occupational Therapy Makes Healing Fun

Although the term “occupational” therapy may not sound like it’s for children, it plays an important role in healing adversity because it melds cognitive therapy, social and emotional learning and sensory activities. In fact, occupational therapy helps pave the way to improved function and makes room for a child to thrive.

When children experience complex trauma, neglect or abuse, it’s hard to predict exactly all the ways it will affect them emotionally and physically. A well-rounded approach that includes occupational therapy can teach coping, relational and problem-solving skills in a safe and healthy environment. Regulation activities like drumming, exercise, singing and meditation are not just fun, but teach children therapeutic skills to thrive.

Our therapists are skilled in working with children who have trauma histories, attention or concentration deficits, sensory processing disorders and developmental delays related to fetal substance exposure and premature birth. Occupational therapists also can address physical limitations or injuries through behavior modification, environmental adjustments or assistive devices.

Common Areas of Expertise

If your child is lagging behind in specific areas, occupational therapy can help them overcome challenges, build skills and manage emotions and behavior.

We have expertise in a wide array of areas, including:

  • Fine Motor Skills (grasp, dexterity, hand strength)
  • Visual Motor Skills (handwriting, self-care skills)
  • Regulation and internal organization
  • Attention and task and organizational management
  • Independent Activities of Daily Living
  • Sensory Processing and Modulation disorders
  • Strength/Endurance/Upper Body Coordination
  • Peer interactions and social skills

A Focus on Pediatric Occupational Therapy

  • Gross motor skills (strength, coordination, posture)
  • Self-care skills (bathing, dressing)
  • Executive functioning skills (impulse and emotional control, planning)
  • Emotional regulation
  • Behavior management
  • And, much more!

To make a referral or to inquire about services, please contact us at 414-465-5770. Our staff will walk you through the steps necessary to establish pediatric OT services at [email protected].