On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, What Will Your Contribution Be?

In recognition of the Martin Luther King Day on January 16, 2023, what will be your contribution be? 

The third Monday of January isn’t just a day off, but a day of service to volunteer, and give back to our communities in ways that truly matter to each of us. 

If nothing else, use the day to reflect on the principals of racial equality and nonviolent social change exposed by Dr. King.

As an advocate of Ghandi’s philosphy of using nonviolent resistance to effect social change, King promoted the use of nonviolent means to bring an end to racial segregation in the United States. 

King was met with many obstacles of racial inequities, abuse and efforts to discredit him by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

King, his family and those in support of him endured this trauma until his assassination in 1968. 

Continue to educate yourself on King, the civil rights movement and the impact it has on you, families and communities that we serve on a daily basis.