Experts, lawmakers weigh in on Kenosha teacher alleged misconduct

A Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD) middle school teacher from KTEC-West is under investigation by the district for his out-of-school relationship with a student.

TMJ4 found out the police don’t think they have enough evidence to recommend charges.

“We believe it was a grooming-like relationship that started to cross the lines from what a traditional student-teacher relationship should be,” Kenosha Police Chief, Patrick Patton said.

What is grooming?

Grooming is where an individual is trying to befriend or engage and develop a trusting relationship with another individual or child for the purposes of being able to manipulate or abuse them.

It’s an action that Dr. Jody Pahlavan, Wellpoint Care Network Vice President of Clinical Services, said can be done by any adult, like a teacher, coach family member, or neighbor.

“When that person is seeking out your child I think that should always raise a question,” Pahlavan said. “Kids don’t know they’re being groomed, so that’s the part that’s really difficult.”

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