School-Based, Trauma-Informed and Results-Focused

While COVID-19 significantly disrupted how schools operate, the pandemic was certainly not the first crisis faced. Our mission is to assist schools in creating environments where students from pre-K through high school can not only overcome obstacles of all types, but also thrive.

In our more than 20 years of providing mental health in school settings, we have developed deep expertise in teaching the tenets of trauma-sensitive schools and have formed partnerships with countless educational leaders and classroom teachers. We currently provide School-based Mental Health services in more than 30 schools across 11 districts and in three counties in Wisconsin. We are proud to be curriculum developers for the Department of Public Instruction’s Trauma Sensitive Schools Curriculum.

In an average-sized classroom of 25 students, it’s likely five of those students will have diagnosable mental health concerns. And, that was before COVID-19. Even as we brace for the increased anxiety among students and their families during a return to in-person, post-COVID learning, we know our role is to help prepare students to learn every single day – under both regular and exceptional circumstances.

Embedded in our integrated school mental health model is our Trauma Sensitive Schools curriculum. Our goal is to produce meaningful and measurable results, such as improved attendance, engagement and academic performance; reduced classroom disruptions and altercations; improved mental health of students and teachers; and, reduced reliance on punitive measures like detention, expulsion and suspensions.

How we Work with School Administrators

Administration Training

Way before COVID-19 arrived in our country, many schools struggled to meet the social, emotional and behavioral needs of some of their students. When teachers are faced with challenging or disruptive behaviors, too much of their time is spent on restoring order and keeping students safe. And, not enough time is spent being an educator.

This is where we can help. We have partnered with countless schools to teach teachers how to reduce difficult behaviors and to develop a school climate and culture where all kids can learn and ultimately thrive. In one case, at a school for children involved in the juvenile justice system, we helped reduce classroom altercations by 75% over a two-year period and increased the job satisfaction of teachers, resulting in significantly fewer personal and sick days.

Training the Trainer

Transforming the Vel R. Philips School

In the two years since their first Train the Trainer session, Vel R. Phillips School has witnessed clear and positive outcomes.

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How We Work With Teachers

Since not all students arrive ready and able to learn each day, we also teach you some less conventional ways to connect with students – regulation and mindfulness activities, like drumming and meditating, could prove much more effective than calling on a student who is agitated or tuned out.

Learn how these schools put Trauma Informed Care principles into practice and produced positive results


Creating a Trauma Sensitive School: A Beloit Case Study

Learn how small practices have grown into a powerful classroom culture where students support one another.

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