Keep Foster Kids Close to Home – Theirs and Yours.

There are over 7,000 children in foster care in Wisconsin. Every day, caregivers from all backgrounds, including licensed foster parents, kinship and like-kin caregivers step up to provide safe and loving homes for children in need.

While most of our caregivers are licensed foster parents in Milwaukee County, we support caregivers across the state. In communities across Wisconsin, our foster parents ensure that children can stay close to home, in their local schools, churches and towns, without being forced to travel hours to the nearest placement.

In Milwaukee, our caregivers support the diverse range of children who come into care and seek someone who looks like them or is willing to understand their backgrounds.

A growing portion of our caregivers are kinship care providers, who may be grandparents, older siblings, other family members or like-kin caregivers who have stepped up to care for children they know need a loving and supportive home.

It doesn’t matter what your race, class or background is. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your marriage status is or how much money you make. Together, your unique experience can help us provide safe homes for children in need.

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Maria Andrade

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